Thursday, November 22, 2007


Last Week on Avenue A

Thanks for showing the these photos because the neighborhood is constantly over run with these film shoots and a community member pointed out that is why ever high school kids wants to go to college here.

TV and film crews are constantly here and there are so many people struggling to remain here they should make a point of hiring neighborhood people as extras and donate to the historic preservation societies and homeless shelters and got involved in helping people and small businesses fighting evictions like Whole Earth Bakery and
or they will have to go to Las Vegas or Canada to film in recreations of the East Village, LES and Bowery. We need a break form all the constant filming and when they do come in they have to actively help our community and directly not through the community board because so many people here do not even know there is a community board and when they have meetings.

Suzannah B. Troy
so so tired
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