Monday, November 12, 2007


As Cooper Union Students Play With Blocks , Construction Workers Errect a Crane that Will Be Used to Build a New School Building for Them .

The photos underscore how really heartbreaking it is that the Cooper Union students don't care. They willing accept what the Cooper Union administration spoon feeds them which is not what artist should do but how "cute" and icey to recreat art memorial...The art world is dead so right on.

At least a small group of amazing NYU students have devoted themselves to empowering Jim Power and he is a symbol of artist creative dynamism.

The Villager used me in a creepy way with the Cooper Students who wasted my time asking me what they could do to help the neighborhood and the picture just underscores they are oblivous and don't care about anything but their elite status in the neighborhood. It was so cold that day and there area is filled with homeless people so again how ironic they are playing with ice when one of my artistic efforts was small but it was handing a homeless man a pair of gloves.

Just drained and the photos reports the new unrealites of the neighborhood -- destruction, make over and take over by Cooper Union pretending they are not as bad as NYU -- and if so just because they don't have the resources to be as bad yet. The Villager when they used my name refused to report what my sign said and that is because the villager newspaper has it's agenda and their punishment is thanks to it the title of the newspaper is a dark sad joke as well.
Suzananh B. Troy
Yeah, fuck Cooper Union. Those damn interlopers have only been in this neighborhood since 1858. They totally ruined this awesome neighborhood by bringing in elitists like Thomas Edison and Abe Lincoln.

Besides, free education for a predominantly working class student body is completely overrated anyway. I mean who really needs engineers and their like anyway? This city doesn't need any well educated young people willing to work on improving the city's infrastructure, what it needs is a return to the glory days of bums and heroin.

Who the hell is Cooper Union to use their own land, land that they have owned long before any of us were even born, and decide to build a new facility for their own use?

Besides, those elitists totally rejected my shit application when I was younger. Fuck them and their history of philanthropy.
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