Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Young Red Tailed Hawk in Tompkins Square Park

Today we saw our first immature Red Tailed Hawk of the season . The hawk was occupied with the task of clumsily and unsuccessfully hunting for suirrel in Tompkins Square Park.
Usually one or more 9 to 11 month old fully grown though immature Red Tailed hawks occupy Tompkins Square Park from late October to the middle of the following March .
This hawk as do all young hawks has to learn to hunt successfully this fall and winter or perish . Today's hawk though large , beautifully and distinctively marked was having more than its share of trouble trying to catch just one squirrel . Hunting squirrel even in squirrelly TSP requires skills that are not easily learned , even by such a potentially masterful predator as todays impressive appearing bird of prey .
Though we did not see this hawk catch a squirrel this hawk did have a swollen crop indicating that it had caught something earlier and thus would have at least some sustenance today .

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are too much, how on gods green earth, do you do it!

Another brilliant catch, thanks for doing what you do!
I saw one of the hawks yesterday during my lunch break. It was about ten feet away from me sitting on the garbage can watching me eat. It was such a beautiful bird. I tried to get a picture of it with my camera phone but it didn't really come out. The one that I saw yesterday had more white feathers on its head. I couldn't believe how big it was.
I live not two blocks from TSP and have seen a young red-tail - possibly the same - but definitely still with his white fledge feathers. You need not worry about his hunting skills. Mid-December I was walking by the park, and to my delight, he whooshed down to the sidewalk about fifteen feet in front of me, scaring a woman who was passing by as well. He scooped up a squirrel, then proceeded to flap up to a stop light pole and eat. He stayed for a good five minutes, then flew off further into the park to finish his meal.
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