Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Red-Faced Angry and Drunk at Ray's

It had not been a good day : the night was even worse .
A long day of agitated drinking and violent confrontations had led finally to a street fight resulting in a confrontation with NYPD in front of Ray's Candy Store . There was no arrest but the drinking and fighting had taken their toll and though the anger was still clearly red-in-face in degree , he was soon to pass-out in front of Alphabets , the store next-door on the up-town side of Ray's .

I confronted the mayor on the radio today and I want to post it on your blog with a link to the radio show and my blog...
This is for anyone that loves our 'hood and the mayor works "it" like he is going to take over John Sexton's, the president of NYU...that is the only position as president he can get because he has alienated the people of this city with his community crushing tsunami of development.
read on....
link to radio show -- me confronting mayor on E.Village mega dormed to death
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OCTOBER 19, 2007
Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling

I confront the mayor on 770 WABC radio about East Village mega dormed to death
Category: News and Politics

WABC radio call in to the mayor....

Told the mayor, evictions are rising and the East Village has been mega dormed to death and NYUis number 1, Cooper Union, The New School, NY Law, and SVA all have mega dorms and use the term "community facility" to supersize and exclude the community. I said evictions continue to rise...We look like a bad xerox midtown under the Bloomberg administration...

I demanded community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm in the East Village where these use the term community facility and exclude the community.

The mayor went on with his phony p.r. (that is me using kind words) and they cut me off -- I asked can you hear me??? and they disconnected me....the let the mayor tells the /// that NYU is a "god send" and the mayor IT IS JUST A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT ARE UPSET....(HELLO? NOT TRUE!!!!) when the reality is NYU has mega dormed the East Village to death and is the prime mover in the destruction of our historic area and I wish I could have told listeners to visit 120 East 12th Street....

John Gambling and mayor 770 WABC radio show--it happened so quickly but I think this I made my impact....
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