Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Larry and "Coney Island Mike" on 4th Street ...

One winter afternoon a few years ago , outside the Key Food grocery on 4th street , Larry was attempting with considerable difficulty to sign Mike's cast with his left hand . Of course both had been drinking and were at least a little high . But beyond the limit to co-ordination due to the effects of alcohol Larry was also right handed and it was simply a difficult task to sign his name with his left hand .
A few months earlier Larry ,who has since passed on , had been on his way to an out-of-the-way spot deep inside an un-used tunnel at the F train stop on first avenue , a place where he and many others routinely slept in cold weather because it was out of the weather and warm . Larry being quite drunk did not make it all the way to his usual sleeping quarters inside the subway tunnels . Larry either passed-out or fell asleep on the subway tracks and a train severed his right hand . The train nearly removed one lower leg too.
On a more recent night while on his way to the same sleeping quarters deep inside the tunnels "Coney Island Mike " being quite drunk fell and broke his arm on the subway tracks near where Larry had lost his right hand ..
Thus are the preceding events recounted that led to the image above .
P.S. 19 July , 2009 : We talked to Larry today . Larry is contrary to what is stated above deffinitely not dead .

do you have any pictures of Merlin from Ave A? i miss him...
Use the search window at the upper left by writing in "Merlin " . .Blogger should then bring up a post concerning Merlin from July of 2006
The names are poetry, the pictures of our characters read like fiction, Charles Dickens but without much hope...the neighborhood is being "swept" and Bloomberg says there will be an economic downturn, smoke and mirrors because it has been so for all those that are not developers, landlords, politically connected...I know you would rather end your blog than have the pictures will be all college students, drunk party goers, sky piercing mirriored buildings...

To look around is to see "a downturn" that has been here but Bloomberg only cared about NYU housing, Cooper Union's real estate development, SVA dorm, NY Law students mega dorm with balconies not with what was and is a continued downturn...not a new one coming...that the mayor now wants to warn us about... so many homeless, so many without health insurance, our neighborhood filled with mirrored mega buildings that do not fit with our historic area and reflected a history destroyed and a community that made the area so desireable no longer welcome...Most fire hydrants are missing their covers, the streets look like asphalt patchwork quilts as they work on infrastructure "after the fact" all for the developers...smoke and mirrors Bloomberg saying there will be a downturn when there was him closing our fire houses after 9-11 and lowing the starting salary for the NYPD...amazing what the city has money for and what it doesn't. The city spends all this money on parks police aggressive making their presence known in Tompkin Square Park but they deny us soap dispensers in the women's bathroom. I had to direct a Mom and girls to the children's bathroom hoping there might be soap there for the little girls.

When Bloomberg says economic downturn does that mean the zone busting buildings will be empty with the exception of college kids that must live here in massive mega dorms, entire buildings emptied out of community members to be bought up or leased by NYU or apt. rented crammed with college kids...? Does that mean more homelessness and more people evicted and more people without health insurance and jobs? Does that mean more infrastructure breaks and higher taxes for those that can't claim anywhere but New York as their home to get tax breaks?

Bloomberg says there is an economic downturn but for his rich friends this is not so and for everyone else it has been so.

Each mayor did there part but Bloomberg made our neighborhood and the entire city into one generic shopping mall and destroyed "old" New York with a tsunami of over the top way too rapid community crushing development.

Welcome to the "new" hideous New York built on 'old' New York's

Suzannah B. Troy
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