Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Wedding of Amy and Jewels Redux : A View from a Distance of Last Summer's June 17th Celebration

This post begins last June 17th on "Crusty Row" in Tompkins Square Park with the groom and much of the wedding party sobering-up at least enough to make the long trip by subway across New York City to Beach 25 Street and then trek by foot to the very end of Beach 9 Street at the water's edge in Far Rockaway . This post ends on the beach behind an abandoned refreshment stand with the sun going down over Queens and a wedding in the rites of Odin having been performed .
Folks will argue about what really happened there on the beach that afternoon : was it a wedding or was it not ? Whatever .... There was a celebration and there is a record of it ... a record that Jewels thanked us for presenting on NMNL for him to see because he could not remember any part of the June 17th ceremony on the beach .
We felt that since we had some previously un-published images of last June's event that we could present these images with the purpose of providing a fresh perspective on the now historical wedding of Amy and Jewels . This presentation might also help to ground to some extent an appreciation and understanding of the current sad and difficult situation of both Amy and Jewels as they wait to learn the extent and nature of Jewels' incarceration .
Return to the NMNL series of three June 20 , 2007 posts titled : "The wedding of Amy and Jewels -Part 1-3 " to learn or refresh your recollection of the story of this day of celebration and the cast of characters .

Damn hippies, er, Yankees.
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