Friday, September 14, 2007


Stands Proudly and Defiantly with Giants in Astor Place...

See the "New York Tmes" , Sept 14 , 2007 , week end section "Paths of resistance" for a story about the past , present and future of the East Village which includes a short piece about Jim , Jesse and Jim's mosaics including the 9-11 Memorial Planter above . The internet version has a video interview of Jim.

Beautiful!!!!! Evokes the "value and worth" in humanity and nature ala "Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and a tribute to our rescue workers who's ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty -- the largest loss in our Nation's history has been made invisible down at the WTC so at least we have this in the East Village and who better than our hardest working homeless artist and enduring spirit Jim Power with the help of his assistant Jesse J.

Suzannah B. Troy
Bob your photo of the planter is far superior to the one run in the villager and the text the villager ran underneath the photo is below par as well. It is quite an achievement for Jim to get that planter completed and the symbolic tree planted in memory of the largest loss of rescue workers in our Nation's history which the mayor for some reason wants to brush aside and to date denies them their rank at memorial and all these years denied them their name, rank and dept. on a seperate sign at the fence to millions of visitors from around the world who either saw in person or on the global media coverage the role of rescue workers.
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