Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sleeping in Peter Cooper Park ...

This afternoon Jim the creator became Jim the destroyer when in anger , overwhelmed by considerable frustration and hopelessness , he destroyed one of his mosaics at the corner of 3rd avenue and St. Marks Place.
Perhaps an attempt to take back something that he had freely given feeling that no one really cares all that much for the gift that he has given this city ; that now when he needs help no one cares enough to help . Of course many do care about Jim and his mosaic trail but....
Jim and Jesse Jane slept again tonight on the ground in Peter Cooper Park .

Powerful photos that tell Jim's story and our neighborhood's...the mosaic pieces he took down look like viscera -- which for me is the very dynamism, heart, soul and beauty that represents what was the Village, East and West and the young woman represents the mass invasion of NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law, SVA, The New School Students, landlords, developers and bar owners that blithely step over or on us with no empathy as they push out and destroy our neigbhorhood...and they are having the time of their life -- they might say if you do not like leave and they want us to leave because the want us out...
Jim is the real deal -- a powerful artist worthy of support and a home here in this neighborhood where he, he art and Jesse Jane are much loved and much appreciated.

The photos are powerful and they document Jim's story and indirectly ours -- the people that really love the neighborhood that are being crushed ever so blithely by greed, college kids and nightlife that choose "cluelessnes" as a way to achieve their goal to party and make this area in to a bad xerox of midtown and Time Square.

To see Jim and Jesse curled up sleeping makes me want to cry but there are many people that have no idea that Jim is homeless because most of the time he handles himself so well.

He had a melt down which is understandable but the community including the 9 Precinct responded with kindness and a humanity that was -- is? the "village", not nyu-ville. I was really touched by the tolerance and out pouring of support for Jim and Jesse Jane.

Suzannah B. Troy
If the poor guy would come to Boston he'd get a place to live a lot faster than he would in N.Y. He might have to give up the dog, at least for some time.
To Bob- You have an excellent site. It's in my favorites and I read it everyday.
Mainstream media seems pretty embarassing next to a real blog from someone who's "been down the road".
I hope they don't send Jewels to jail.
Thanks for keeping us all posted.
Bob, I have also photographed Jim and spent some time with him, but I am not there every day as you are. I would appreciate your thoughts about how I, and some of the rest of us, might help. Anyone with ideas can contact me
Please let us know what we can do to help Jim. I am so worried about Jim and Jessie Jane It will get cold soon and Jim's hip isn't getting any beter. Laying on the cold ground will make it worse. Do you have any answers?
Thank you for your blog. You do a tremendous sevice for our neighbohood.
Suzannah is right on so many counts about what is going down in our neighborhood. People just assume that Jim has a place to stay because of the way he usually handles himself. Can he get a studio in Westbeth (that place for artists near west street?) what about public housing for senior citizens? is there anything people can do to help?
Jim needs a room hopefully here in the East Village or at this point anywhere where he and Jesse Jane can live asap. He needs a trusted babysitter for Jesse so he can go to the doctor, dentist and on some errands. Even if you can just visit him and say hi and ask him yourself or know anyone who can take them in even for a couple of days. His sleeping bag was stolen and the yoga blanket I gave him for Jesse.

If he can work in someone's home and get to stay there that would be great. His tele no is 646-236-1547 but his minutes are limited --he buys phone cards so even calls times is limited. Thanks so much for all your thoughts -- they are comfort for me because sometimes it is beyond exhausting. He is afraid to sleep because he can get robbed so he drinks those dangerous "monster" drinks with caffenine.
Suzannah B. Troy
and Jim's email
You can read my outrage about the destruction of our neighborhood and the push out of our community on www.

I posted a request for help on myspace for Jim as well.
read my blog -- the mayor is coming to Cooper Union and I told you this is a metaphor -- Jim's meltdown take down of his mosaic as a metaphor for our neighborhood is across the street.
the mayor will be there 7 e 7th st
at 6pm
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