Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Portraitist Draws the Picture-Taker ...

This morning her husband will walk from his cell in the Manhattan Detention Complex to a court room where he will appear before a judge to learn what he will be doing for the next few years . He will be sentenced this morning , 19 September 2007 .
Her name is Amy and her husband is of course the infamous L.E.S. Jewels whom she refers to by his proper name , Joel . These are certainly not good times for either Amy or Joel .
Amy was last seen here on NMNL in a series of 3 posts from last 20 June 2007 titled " The Wedding of Amy and Jewels " .
Last night Amy wandered down to Ray's Candystore hoping to find some friends to be with during this very difficult , sad time .
Having some charcoal and paper with her , Amy decided to draw a portrait of the picture-taker ; the one who takes so many pictures of so many people at Ray's .

Looks like she "captured" you Bob...maybe the pencil is more powerful than the camera...

Great photo series -- the mask is terrific -- and the drawing pad -- like an Alfred Hitchcock movie -- or Ingrid Berman "Persona"...
who are we behind the mask?
how do we see people
how do they see us...
remove the mask
who are you behind the mask?
This is so beautiful. I feel bad for Jewels, guilty or not. I miss seeing him in the Park.

Amy seems amazing. I haven't seen her in person since July or so, the time I passed her and Jewels huddled together near Kai Kai. Jewels looked physically ill; Amy was hovering, motherly.

Thanks for your updates.
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