Sunday, September 02, 2007


Crane Accident at 110 3rd Avenue : Update

We return again to last September's tower crane accident at 110 3rd avenue and note that after nearly a year little of nothing has been done to punish anyone for the indifferent and incompetent behavior that caused the accident .This was a serious accident which injured 5 people ,crushed a taxi-cab , caused the evacuation of many near-by buildings , shut-down all traffic in the area for close to 24 hours and cost the New York City tax-payer a great deal of money.
As the building's construction proceeds to completion ever so slowly, the workings of the Department of Building's hearing of fact concerning the cause of the so-called accident at 110 3rd avenue also moves ever so slowly . Hearings continue to be moved into the future with the current date for the next set of hearing's being 27 Dec. 2007 . All parties involved in the accident are still apparently preparing to present their cases on this date . Of the parties involved ,so far only Tishman construction has been punished in any way : they have been fined $1500 aqccording to the DOB building profile .
For the details of this crane accident see here at NMNL the 4 post on the subject at the beginning of the October 2006 archive .
We also recomend an article on the event in ENR (Engineering News Record) , 10/9/2006 , Vol. 257 issue 14 , pg 11 , one page . We can not achieve a lasting link to this article . In NYC ,the article can be accessed through the public library ,if you have a library card , at :
The DOB building profile with the details of complaints , DOB violations , actions and hearingscan be found by going to and clicking on the buildings depatment on the home page drop-down and then selecting burough ,house number and street in the profile selection field .

city wide people have paid with their this incident uncanny miracle they survived...deutche bank toxic waste dump claimed 2 more heroes 9-11 in 2007 and St. Ann's is NYU's great shame sure feel crimminal and NYU and the city have never answered our concerns about infrastructure concerns...and the death toll rises from the greed and need of developers including our number real estate monster NYU and Cooper Union that hide under behind higher education as a "tax shelter" to buy up, supersize at way too rapid wide the mayor has supported greed instead of the putting the safety of New Yorkers first and there is little to any accountability...the death toll rises and it doesn't matter to the mayor because it is not his kids that are dead or have most of their bodies burned and amputated like the young man that is barely alive from the Con Ed infrastructure steam pipe burst and we have had how many gas leaks, water main breaks, sewage breaks and the developers lay down a token pipe so it breaks further away but it from their way too rapid development and greed and they mayor-- the people of this city are paying with their lives and more....
Your blog reporting is very important....keep reporting the news and the characters that make up our hood before it is only NYU-Ville and Cooper Union Ville....

Mega retail, flea markets and mega millionaire condos and luxury hotels....NYU-ville....
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