Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ray's : Then and Now

Then was sometime in the middle 90 s . Now was last Saturday night .
Its a long way from a night in the East Village on skateboards with a stop at Ray's and the scene depicted in the top picture .
The man sitting in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg is "Sloth". A few days earlier "Sloth" had threatened the guys at the corner pizza parlor with the sharp end of a used , dirty syringe when they denied the use of their restroom to a female friend of "Sloth" that wanted to use the restroom to shoot some heroin .
"Sloth" was quickly and efficiently dealt with receiving a good beating with a broken leg . After all the action "Sloth" was removed from the parlor premises and placed in a convenient curb-side trash container .

Bob at his best!!!!!!!!
Keep going -- and I wish you had a book of your photos or several books!!!!!!!
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