Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Loan Shark Bob": Incognito at Ray's Candy Store

We recall that "Loan Shark Bob"has always tended to the theatrical in behavior as can be seen above . Bob performed believeably on the street in the old neighborhood fooling most ( those who were not his clients ) into believing that he was certainly something other than a mere loan shark , shylocking day-in-day-out . But this is another story to be told at another time .
A few years ago his theatrical bent got him locked -up in the Bellevue psych ward . Bob had gone to Bellevue to have a circumcision . When he was told that the cutting could not be done on the day that he had been told to be at the hospital he was angered and began a tirade of protest .
We recollect that in the midst of his theatrics Bob noticed a video crew in the hospital lobby and thus decided to capitalize on their presence hoping to intimidate the hospital staff into changing their descision and began a performance for the benifit of the video crew . Bob got the attention that he desired and then some .
The hospital staff decided that Bob had flipped out totally and was on a psychotic rampage . Bob was shortly grabbed , subdued , restrained , medicated and locked up in the psych ward for several days .
After a few days Bob was released . He found a lawyer and sued the city hospital system for unlawful imprisionment and whatever other damages that went with his claim . Bob was awarded $1,000,001 by a jury in federal court and for a while was known as "Million Dollar Bob" until a judge reduced the amount to a lesser sum .
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