Friday, August 24, 2007


The Dog Days and Tent City

Once it was a tent city that took over Tompkins Square Park . Now we have a dog run and dogs .
For several posts now we have been celebrating the "dog days of summer" with boring pictures of TSP dogs and that piece of park , a large piece , that has been siezed by dog owners for themselves and their dogs , the dog run .That piece of TSP that on a wet summer day smells like nothing so much as a hog feedlot .
The poster attatched to the tree above reminds of a major event , the creation and existance of tent city , that occured a long time ago in TSP .
Unfortunately we have no pictures of that event to share with you but we can to a small extent remember how it was then . In that event people also seized a part , a large part , of TSP... for themselves and their families . What a long way we have come .

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