Monday, August 20, 2007


At 3 AM Sunday a Stroll Down Avenue A to Lucy's

love the fourth one down with the old guy and the girl in the background. it's like the new EV creeping up on the old. he looks like he's thinking, engaged with the world and his thoughts, and she's on another planet.

when i first got here, a girl wouldn't dare fish around in her purse while distracted like that. she'd know better.
I love to vicarously stroll down Avenue A at 3am because I am never out -- under lock and key -- good girl lock up so it is a thrill....
as Mae West said, when I am good, I'm good but when I am bad...hmmm, what is the rest of that quote...?

Keep the photos coming....
all the gritty pics and than the picture of the rose -- oh Bob you are a romantic at heart...
No ,not really a romantic ; just someone whose mood improves to a point after a couple of drinks that allows that a wee bit of beauty can be found almost anywhere ... especially in a friendly neighborhood place like Lucy's bar .
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