Sunday, July 29, 2007


A Saturday Night Party Rides ...

Evokes the "fall of the Roman Empire" because we have become mainstream culture-society has reached mega levels of empty headed - soul-less values where big everything is better. I don't go out much at night to avoid the people that treat our community as an adult Disney land but the worst are the real estate developers with the emotional make up of killers destroying and pushing out the community members that made the area so desirable and they do not need to hire thugs to beat us up and intimidate us but use their mega wealth -- knowing we do not have the money needed to take them to court in long lengthy legal battles and the city agencies are over run or shut down with our pro-developer pro nightlife mayor and mega millionaire city planner. John Sexton poses for a "macho" photo in The NY Observer proving he has zero empathy, sensitivity or understanding for what terrible damage he has done... denial is a river of concrete -- mega dorms -- running through the East Village and Sexton is like a serial killer loving the photo ops, the media attention and no capable of feeling any remorse or responsibility for the destruction of the neighborhood, the historic buildings and area he has destroyed, using and abusing NYU's tax shelter aka not for profit...eating us Stuy Town which was meant to be affordable housing for returning WW2 Vets...Where is the affordable housing for returning vets now serving our country -- returning home with severe -- severe handicaps but Stuy Town has been taken by NYU for student housing with extra walls being built for NYU students to be crammed in like John Sexton and his gang plan to do on St. Ann's church grave with below zero understanding and respect for our community and for our safety as Cooper Union and NYU put down their token pipes knowing infrastructure breaks will happen away from their students in front of community members homes and businesses and the city will be their landlords who will raise their rent, the city will raise our taxes, Con Ed raises our bills to pay for the developers including all these mega real estate magnates that use their not for profit higher education as a tax shelter and as a monster machine to gobble up, push us out and destroy our neighborhoods maing our lives unliveable and the bars and nightlife is all part of the scam -- the central buses--mega stretch limo's the media focus on empty headed Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and little to zero coverage on the rise in evictions directly related to the real estate magnates supersizing our neighborhoods on an old infrastructure getting free passes from the mayor and the most zone busting free passes from a socialite city planner....but it is all about party time -- because that mean having real moments -- heart soul interactions talking about the really important issues and the mega rich powers that be and the people the have bought with their bucks -- the newspapers they own prefer we don't think about that but trite thangs like stretch limos and not fight for what we believe in. Even when local politicians speak up it seems trite and they are really thinking about all the money they are getting from developers and mini-mike bloomberg wannabes...
amen to that
You right Suzannah
But Stuy Town, was the beginning of the end, from the day it was concieved. words like eminent domain, and racial profiling for prespective tenants. it was never a pretty picture. it was the floor plan for every mistake in urban planning.

that said, its kinda nice.
Yes, his hummer look great! He has hummer from early age, good imagination!
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