Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Rats of Tompkins Square Park - Part 2

This large rat photographed on Monday night died here near the entrance of the playground sometime in the 24 hours between Sunday evening and Monday evening . Sunday night a few rats were seen behaving eratically , walking about much too slowly and turning in circles . These rats probably had been poisoned with baits placed in their holes before the holes were filled-in with earth .
This one death of course did not deter the 4 rats above from endlessly running about playing in the shrubbery that is also frequently used as a latrine by park regulars when the parks public restrooms are closed .
Nor did it did discourage the amorous pair below cavorting about ; a male rat chasing a female rat ever so delicately .

On the lawn across the walk from the playground a new rat-hole is being excavated successfuly by some unseen industrious hardworking rats . This hole likely helps to make-up for the loss of some filled-in holes not too far away .

Tuesday afternoon 2 previously filled-in rat-holes near the playground drinking fountain can be seen to be open and functional .
Later on Tuesday a rat can be seen below ready to enter the one of the 2 holes nearest the drinking fountain .

Tuesday evening a rat scurries ahead of a cell-phone wielding couple stolling in TSP . The rats are not at all inhibited in their use of the park walkways when traveling from a food source to a rat-hole . Though rats are wary of humans they travel freely in their presence , especially after sundown . Indeed rats can even be seen routinely in the playground during the later part of the day as children play . This is especially true near the shrubbery at the edges and near the drinking fountain .
During the afternoons this last winter the number of rats was considerable enough at the edge of the playground that the Red Tailed hawks would commonly sit in the trees at the edge of the playground waiting to descend on some tastey incautious individual rat .Such predator-prey encounters made afternoons at the playground frequently entertaining .

Tuesday evening both adult and young rats could still be seen in large numbers in the shrubbery near the playground seemingly unaffected by any recent efforts to reduce their number .The large well-fed sleek mature rat below attests to the fact that the rats of Tompkins Square Park are well fed successful mammals .

The Villager's "ratty exploitation" of Bob Arihood. Of course the owner of The Villager is a real estate man making the bucks selling air space so no suprise -- hmmmm, Scoopy is literally using Bob Arihood's creativity, urban news reporting via his blog -- hmm that is like the developers -- all legal -- in theory -- because the laws seem to protect the rich and exploitive -- how pathetic...2 weeks in a row robbing Robert Airhood for zero dollars -- what a bargin for the villager --- hey Villager -- get reports out there rather than read Bob's blog and helping yourself or get some integrity....yeah right
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