Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Rained Out in Tompkins Square Park ...

In Tompkins Square Park Sunday there was to be a concert but it began to rain as soon as the stage and sound system were set-up . It seemed that it was going to rain all afternoon so a descision was made to cancel the concert and the stage and sound system were disassembled and re-packed in the truck that had delivered them to the park .
The one smiling face above , Chris Flash : the one who put up most of the money for the concert and lost it all ...no refunds .
And if financial loss were not enough punishment for a good deed done for our community , Chris had just spent the previous 36 hours locked-up downtown because he had been arrested for putting up posters for the concert on the Lower East Side Friday night .

As the rain stops falling the last group on the list to perform , "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black ", arrives in TSP ...

...and workers from Abott Audio are finishing re-loading the stage and the sound system in their truck .

There was a photo-op at least and then some hard thinking about what to do since there was one act still available , the permit was still good for more than and hour , a police officer was still on scene for the concert and people were starting to gather around now that the rain had ended .
Of course there was no stage ,which wasn't absolutely necessary , but there was also no sound system , which was necessary , since it had been packed away in the truck because of what had been assumed to be an un-ending rain storm .

People sat down and waited . Finally a descision was made to go to a club in Brooklyn to play . Shortly that plan was canceled and later in the afternoon at least one group got to perform . The group " The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black" played un-anounced live at a bar on 14th st .

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