Monday, July 02, 2007


Pair Stopped on Avenue A for Allegedly Discharging a Weapon on 14th Street...

A burgandy Chevrolet SUV was stopped on avenue A between 9th and 10th streets around 6 PM on Saturday after witnesses identified the occupants as the pair that had just allegedly fired a gun on 14th street .
The two , a male and a female , remained calm and the situation at the scene was surprisingly , minimaly confrontational . Indeed the female suspect was allowed to remain un-cuffed while she fed her very young kitten with food brought to her by a member of the neighborhood concerned for the kitten's welfare .
It appeared that witnesses at the scene reconfirmed that the two were indeed the ones responsible for the gun-shot fired .
Police searched the vehicle at the scene for evidence and then after finally cuffing the female removed the suspects and the vehicle to the 9th precinct .

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