Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Jim at Work in Astor Place ...

Jim and Jesse Jane were in Astor Place today . Jim , the one and only true "Mosaic Man" , was working on the planter that he started last summer when he was living on the sidewalk in front of 120 St. Marks Place . Somehow Jim was able to move his massive mosaic art work to a prominent location near the subway entrance at this major East Village crossroads .

It seems that we are all back where we were last summer when NMNL began : Jim and Jesse Jane are again homeless and sleeping on a sidewalk in the neighborhood .

Jim is "out there" but truly he is one of the hardest working talented artist's around and for someone not well read, very bright.

Jesse is the most wonderful, intelligent loving dog on the planet and I wish they could be land mark protect asap.
Hi Bob,

If you wouldn't mind, please give Jim my regards next time you see him. I've been thinking of him lately.

I also look forward to chatting with you again real soon under the shade of the trees in Tompkins Square Park.

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