Thursday, July 19, 2007


Four Days Sober for Jewels and ...

Wednesday Jewels , our Tompkins Square Park "Jekyll and Hyde" , after 4 good sober days , drank a notable quantity of his prefered alcoholic potion launching again a demon on another day of rage and rampage in the neighborhood.

Jewels started drinking early and drank often today . His rampage began on avenue A the usual way . Jewels played in traffic stopping cars and entered restaurants to shake-down patrons and owners alike .

According to witnesses , police were called early in the day by one restaurant with a large number of officers arriving at the scene . As usual no arrest was made . Much of the rest of the day he just drank and raised hell becoming by evening quite drunk and exhausted .

Above a park regular is helping a very shakey and uncertain Jewels walk out of TSP and across the street to the farside of avenue A where he will now after some rest continue his drunken rampage .

Jewels accosts a pair and makes an unsucessful demand for $ 2 .... but he does get a cigarette .

Jewels joins a party of diners at 7A Cafe to again demand money without success .

Jewls blocks the intersection stopping cars demanding money from drivers .

As it prepares to round a corner a church bus is confronted with a demand for money .

A public garbage receptacle is searched for scraps .

This car Jewels caused to back-up 150 ft.

This action is unproductive and Jewels heads back to the sidewalk to prey on individual pedestrians to raise money for booze .
Unkown to Jewels the occupants of this car have called the police . They will also press charges against Jewels .

Jewels accosts this man and when he does not give Jewels the money that he demands , Jewels attacks him at first swinging and then dropping his cane .

Jewels picks up his cane and swings it again in a rage but then as police arrive he surrenders , sitting down on the sidewalk as instructed to do .

Jewels is questioned and cuffed.

Jewels is escorted to a waiting police vehicle and taken away .

Our police exhibited amazing patience and calm as they arrest Jewels -- no guns just calm and I don't know how they do it but to all the police that hold on to their calm and their kindness dealing with the public -- God Bless 'em!
This is a great set of photos. I think you've really captured the sense of lost that is Jewels.
what a fucking loser ! It's easy to say this fro here...but i swear i would fix HIS problem for good if he even only raised his voice at me or mine !!! Somebody kick his ass PLEASE and let the "normal" people enjoy the city ! FUCK YOU JEWEL YOU WASTE OF LIFE
Im actually out of town for a few weeks.. thanks for doing such a good job in capturing whats going on!
you probably know this info about jewels, but just in case:
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