Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The Wedding of Amy and Jewels : Before the Ceremony

Way out east in Queens in a place a very long way from Tompkins Square Park several of that park's diverse society and others from the surrounding neighborhood gathered for an unusual event . In the Rockaways beyond Beach 9 Street , almost completely out of New York City , at the rear of an abandoned refreshment stand at the waters edge , Amy and Jewels were wed in the rites of Odin by Sid "the Nazi" on this Sunday afternoon just before the sun set over Queens .
The lovers kiss on the "Board-walk" in O`Donohue Park on their way to their wedding .

...Amy , the bride to be...

Jewels , the groom to be and Sid "The Nazi " who will preside over the exchanging of vows . Sid wears the two rings which he has donated to the couple to be exchanged during the ceremony .

The wedding party ....

...a brief ablution before the ceremony ...

... and an embrace and kiss ...

Jewels prepares for it all in his own way...

The book that will be read from , the priest and Jewels

....before the ceremony Amy has a few quiet thoughtful moments and reads from her Gideon's Bible ...

... a few last words before the ceremony ...

Great Pics Bob,
Wish I coulda been there.
J Flynn
What, no swan ice sculptures!?
Photo journalism is not bad but poor, poor Amy. What was she on..crack? Oh man - that silly silly girl.

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