Tuesday, June 05, 2007


A Wedding for Two of Tompkins Square Park's Own ... ?

There are books full of advice on this sort of thing . Friends have their opinions . Families certainly chime in with all manner of advice wanted or not ....and finally , in the end , the future is never what you expected . But billions still do it , that is , billions still get married .
It seems that this is what Amy and Jewels are going to do soon , in not quite 2 weeks , the Sunday after next to be exact .
As they are in the midst of all the planning , which grows in complexity with every day , and are busy contacting friends and relatives to tell them of their wedding on the beach which will very likely be a quite un-conventional event , they take some time out above to kiss and spar with gloves .
For now not all detail has been determined but it seems that the ceremony will be somewhere in the Rockaways on the beach Sunday after next . More on all of this later .

good luck Jewels and Amy from that booted girl, Bridget
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