Friday, June 01, 2007


Tree Hugger Saves Part of a Tree ....for a While .

In the middle of the day on Friday members of the Forestry Dept. were trimming away with chainsaws at a damaged plane tree at 85 avenue A with the intent to completely remove the tree piece by piece ,that is , until a tree hugger arrived on the scene and brought the dismembering to a halt .
As a forestry Dept sawyer prepared to bring down the remaining standing portion of tree trunk the hugger wrapped her arms ever more securely around the the trunk while placing herself immediately between the tree and the sawyer's chainsaw . A stalemate was achieved between the sawyer and the hugger that seemed might continure for some time before L.E.S. Jewels arrived on the scene .
Jewels upon arriving undertook the task of arbitrating the situation causing the sawyer and his crew to finally decide that the best action that they could take would be to leave the scene picking up their tools and the parts of the tree that had already been brought down and then sometime later return and finish the job.

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