Sunday, June 17, 2007


One Year Later ...

Just about a year ago NMNL began with a series of posts about Jim "Mosaic Man" Power and his dog Jesse Jane . The first pupose of NMNL was to present Jim's and Jesse's plight living on the sidewalk out front of 120 St. Marks Place . NMNL has moved on to include many other subjects over the last year but today we return to Jim .
In the picture above Jim is standing next to one of his sadly damaged and deteriorated mosaics at the corner of 7th Street and avenue A . Jesse Jane is not with Jim today because being a mere dog , she was not allowed to ride the bus from Union Square with him . Jim can no longer walk the distance from Union Square to Tompkins Square Park because of severe hip pain so today he rode the bus to make the trip to avenue A and Ray's Candystore .
Jim is still making mosaics and has been helping to teach the art of mosaic making to children in the city school system. He recently finished making a mosaic interior for a new bar called "Porno Dog Tavern " on St. Marks Place . He may also be working on some mosaics that will go to Burning Man festival in California this summer . He also intends to find the time and money to repair some of his damaged and deteriorated mosaics in our neighborhood .
For some time now Jim and Jesse have been off the street and have been living in an apartment near Union Square thanks to a kind benefactor .
For this special post we decided to do things differently . Most of the photography that we do today we do with digital cameras of one kind or another .Most of the time we now use a Leica M8 digital camera so to be different today we used a 53 year old Leica M3 with a Leica Noctilux lens and some Kodak Tri-X film . The M3 is the first of the Leica M cameras as the M8 is the most recent . Just a little nostalgia .

That's a classic Bob... true art about a true artist :) Love that Tri-X grain.
I thought he lived on St. Mark's place...and then I didn't see him at the dog run. I had a feeling he was forced out of the neighborhood.
I had the pleasure of seeing him at the dog run Sunday afternoon with Jessie Jane. LES Jewels strolled over to tell Jim about his wedding.

By the way, how did that go, Bob? Did you go out to Rockaway?
Bob: Although you have behaved in away that was "wrong" you wronged me -- your site birthed itself into something crucial for our community and provides what the villager wishes is could but sadly the villager is more an nyu voice box...
You photos are powerful and your work significant so keep going.
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