Tuesday, June 19, 2007


More From "Crusty Row " in Tompkins Square Park on Monday Night....

This image is a failure as a proper photograph : just a suggestion of a limp arm and hand , a leg and slumped torso in the dark of a half-dozen bodies huddled about a dying man .The light was so low that only with extreme processing was even this soft and off-color image from "Crusty Row " possible .
A young man has just injected sufficient heroin to put his life in jeopardy . He has overdosed and is unconscious and fading toward a permanent end to his life . A frantic attempt was being made to revive this man and until someone injected some Naloxone into him he was likely a lost cause .
An ambulance was called but not all gathered near this young man wanted an ambulance because cops would eventually follow . Many at the scene hurriedly packed thier belongings to leave , very irritated that some one had actually made a call that would bring the cops to where they were .
The ambulance was in the end unnecessary : the young man finally returned to a minimal sort of consciousness and was helped up and assisted in walking down "Crusty Row" . Not being aware of what had just happened to him the young man's first intelligible utterance was "hey , lets go get high " .

I feel like I must know you already. I'm an East Villager born and raised. Did you ever hang around alt cafe?
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