Saturday, June 16, 2007


Flag Day 2007 on "Crusty Row" in Tompkins Square Park...

On this Flag Day afternoon as some well behaved young film students on one end of "Crusty Row" were quietly shooting a student film with an aging Arriflex motion picture camera , Jewels at the other end had drank himself into a stupor and finally passed out .
Some of Jewels' crusty compatriots decided to have some fun with the sleeping Jewels and began drawing on his face with felt-tip markers all sorts of crude and lewd figures . One of the more dexterous crusty miscreants using a large needle and some nylon line sewed his sleeves to his sweater and also sewed the lower portion of his pants-legs together .
Being allowed to peacefully sleep-off the drunkeness wasn't part of the plan for Jewels this Flag Day afternoon . As soon as the sewing was completed the young crusty who had done the sewing un-zipped his fly and proceeded to void his beer-swollen bladder on Jewels bare feet . As Jewels woke to this golden shower on "Crusty Row "he found that the only movement available for escape , being all sewed-up as he was , was to wiggle like a large worm as the young man continued to aim his stream , moving it higher up Jewel's legs until there was no more urine to void .
A short time later as two police officers approached this pathetic scene , several of the young crusties including their dog and the pisser left for a more out-of -the-way place to gather and drink their beer . The officers seemingly had no way to respond to what they saw and shortly just walked a way .

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