Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Blinky ...

As we were photographing Blinky we heard in the distance angry shouts and the sound of breaking glass . We and Blinky headed toward the source of these sounds : Carl and Jewels violently arguing in the row of seats next to avenue A in Thompkins Square Park .
The confrontation , which came close to heavy blows being delivered , ended with the broken glass candle holder which Carl had thrown at Jewels on the ground , a very angry Carl standing alone and Jewels walking away with his cane .
Carl was angry because Jewels had just very disrespectfully wrecked a memorial to Chino who had died recently . This memorial has been maintained in the park by some of the park friends of Chino for a week or so . Chino was a regular in TSP for a long time . According to witnesses , Jewels had taken one of the better flowers from the memorial and also had senselessly damaged those floweres that remained .

Blinky's a good kid. A gentle soul, as revealed in the eyes. He said Saturday he's thinking of leaving New York.
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