Sunday, May 27, 2007


Some Things Just Never Go Away ...

It's spring with many new people in the neighborhood and the new extra sweet spring dope is clearly on the street and available for anyone that choses to partake of it . If the past is any guide there will now be more overdoses on the street and in Tompkins Square Park for all to see .The dope historically is sweeter at this time of year because there are more new young people in the park to turn into regular customers : give them sweet deals in the spring , get them hooked and then string them out on a leaner product in the late summer and fall to make the real profits . This is the way it has been for as long as we can remeber .

Thank God I have never done drugs...I remember homeless people leaning against the building where I live with crack cocaine pipes but it is startling how much drugs live on here. I know the mega rich get is hand delivered just like everything else to their front doors but is is over whelming. The mine as well legalize drugs but that would give the drug corporations that legally deal drugs to children and adults competition.
I just read about this blog in the new york times. I used to live there, moved with the family in around 92. glad to see someone is deep in east village culture, and showing the world.
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