Wednesday, May 02, 2007


May Day 2007 - Part 1 : Union Square Park

This was as usual the traditional communist holiday : no May pole with light-hearted souls dressed as fairies , flowers and butterflies dancing about it .
Though some of the more well to do were seen to be making fashion statements with freshly starched and pressed red neckerchiefs , the event was mostly the product of all the old line communist and socialist organization's efforts to organize a new cohort of minimally employed and angry young males to march forth and make manifest a new and potentially violent political challenge to traditional America .
Evidence of the potential for present and future violence could be seen through-out the event. People were frequently seen to be arguing and were only prevented from attacking each other by the many police present . It could easily be seen that this event was not just about troubled and financially overburdened families and the difficult trials and tribulations of poverty in Mexico and America .
So why did we not see any of this discontent and potential tumult and turmoil in the papers or on television ?Why was the press photographing cute costumes ,interesting masks ...and babies and babies and babies.... draped in flags .Why was a "Times" photographer seen obsessing for several minutes on a sleeping baby in a stroller draped in an American flag when there was so much of considerable moment to photograph ?

this is the most interesting photoblog i have ever seen (not that i've seen many though). last night at about 5:00 am, while very drunkenly swaggering towards my bike on ave A to bike back to my bed-stuy home, i met for the second time a gentleman by the name of LES jewels. the first time was outside of odessa and he was pulling down his pants in an angry dispute. last night, he immediately asked me whether i prefered bukowski or poe. i answered bukowski and he launched into a poem about crying booze or something. i gave him some money because it was a very nice poem and he told me his name and to look it up. googled it today and came across this wonderful photoblog. thanks
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