Monday, May 21, 2007


Kicked in the Head Repeatedly in Tompkins Square Park

Keith , incognito in TSP 2 weeks ago...
ABOVE : Keith Riley back in the B&W days on avenue A in costume ...

ABOVE : Keith wearing a G.G. Allin T-shirt , again , back in the B&W days in TSP with some County Club and his dog .

Jewels signs a very large get-well card signed already by many of Keith's friends from TSP, which will be delivered tonight to Keith's room at Bellevue Hospital .
Saturday afternoon near the avenue A side of Tompkins Square Park along a row of park benches known affectionately by some as "death row", Keith "Swill "Riley was severely beaten including being kicked viciously and repeatedly in the head by at least two young men . The cause for the attack is not clear at this writing but some witnesses suggested that there may have been a disagreement over something said concerning long-dead local performance artist G.G. Allin .Some of Keith's friends did come to his aid , perhaps saving his life , but much damage had already been done and Keith was taken by ambulence to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.
To those who know Keith Riley , known in TSP as "Swill ", the beating makes no sense in that Keith is an affable sort , is not at all aggressive and thus would be one of the least likely TSP regulars to be involved in a fight of any kind .
Keith , at last report , is in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital where a few of his friends will tonight deliver a huge get-well card with perhaps 50 or so signatures of his friends from Tompkins Square Park .
At least 2 of Keith's attackers were arrested and are being held by NYPD.

P.S. : 27 May 2007 : Keith Riley's condition today according to some who have visited him is critical but stable . Keith is in an induced coma in the medical intensive care unit at Belevue Hospital . He has very serious and life threatening head injuries with the situation being made much more serious by a poorly functioning liver .
We have been told that there were more than the two arrested individuals involved in the head kicking incident in TSP that injured Keith so severely . There may have been as many as 5 individuals involved .

Again Bob this kind of reporting which almost reads like storytelling -- is just so disturbing yet part of the texture and landscape of the neighborhood. When the mega rich fill up all the condos and luxury hotels, the mega dorms there will be more of these stories but "in doors" so not documented.
Because of you and Lorcan and now Mike I actually briefly interacted with him...looked closely at his hands with the tattoos but I would not have but for your photo journalism bringing forth their stories and "human struggles" that they 'wear' on the out side but most of us in different ways wear inside or for the mega rich are hidden from plain sight.
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