Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Another Monstrous Edifice

This is our neighborhood and we did not ask for this : we had no say , yes or no , but we are stuck with this monster and more of them will come and they , of course , will displace many of us who have lived here so long .

Bob: The photo could be anywhere in the East Village, Bowery and LES. Visit the grave of St. Ann's for a horrifying build that could only be that of NYU-Megadomination as they gobble up the entire 'hood'. The problem is city wide but our area has been so shockingly "made over", we could be hold rallies everyday. The developers including NYU, Cooper -- our "not for profit" real estate magnates,(Columbia U. uptown) etc. just crush our communites and destroy the historic area with sky piercing mirrored buildings reflecting history destroyed and a community that made the area so desireable -- no longer welcome. The message is you must be make mega bucks or move out. It is an economic tsunami -- so crushing -- causing displacement and I have replaced "gentrification" with "supersification" and a change so shocking yet in our faces as hideous sky piercing buildings of this "new" new york for the mega rich seem to appear over night and there is not enough media coverage so we need blog sites like yours with strong visual documentation and so much more.

Yes, our billionaire mayor and mega millionaire city planner socialite Amanda Burden have done everything but provide buses and trains to move us out but again the question is where would we move to?

Suzannah B. Troy

Again thank you for doing this. Isn't there a law or some kind of city government policy tool that compels developpers to maintain some kind of mix up and down the socio-economic order when developping a particular neighborhood? Does it make economic, social, cultural etc sense to wipe out, almost entirely it appears, the middle and lower middle classes in a city like New York? It is truly sad.

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