Sunday, May 13, 2007


Another Monstrous Edifice - 2

Here , another view of this monster of a building allowing the building to be seen sitting in the context of it's surrounding community . It can be seen that now and in the future this banal luxury rental structure will loom , with it's overwhelming massive presence , over all that surrounds it .

Great writing and photo work Bob. Would like to get in touch with you some how. I'm around Ray's sometimes, hope to talk with you.

I need your help, and I will offer some economic support :)
Bob: Photograph the NYU mega dorm being built on the grave of St. Ann's Church with NYU's front man David Kramer -- that instructs us not to use the word "mega dorm". How much money do you think Kramer is going to make on the mega dorm? He talks to the community or rather dismisses us like he is as rich as our mayor that won't dare face us because he know how angry the community is with him.

The mega dorm is being built at world record pace yet in New Orleans the survivors -- many still live in squalor but rest assured here they can't build fast enough for the massive population of mega bucks and rich college kids they must have a slice of the 'hood asap!
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