Wednesday, May 23, 2007


3 Car Crash at 3rd St. and Avenue A ...

The cross-walk signals were knocked off their pole by a passing city bus that was trying to pass by the crashed cars in the intersection .

There was something of importance to the police in the trunk of this car which was thoroughly inspected and emptied of some bags and other undetermined items .
At the intersection of 3rd st. and avenue A , early Wednesday morning , just around the corner from our NMNL world headquarters , a rather dramatic auto accident occured which involved 3 vehicles . Judging from the damage at least some of the vehicles had to be traveling at greater than legal velocities .We would be tempted here to surmise that perhaps this was some sort of chase that ended unfavorably .
At this writing it is not known whether there were any injuries , serious or not , though there was an ambulence on the scene which seemed to have someone inside .
As to arrests , witnesses claimed that they saw one man attempt to flee the scene on foot but who was caught by NYPD a short distance from the accident scene.

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