Thursday, April 12, 2007


Red Tail in Black & White

Five years ago this immature Red Tailed hawk wintered in Tompkins Square Park leaving the park in late February for more open territory probably somewhere north of here . This behavior is typical for the immature hawks that we see in TSP .
The two immature Red Tails that were regularly seen in TSP and pictured here in digital color this winter seem to have now left the park , having left a bit later than usual in the middle of March .
In the one picture of the hawk on the wing in a snowstorm one can see the damage that these hawks are subject to in their first winter among the trees : several of the important feathers necessary for well controled flight are missing . This conditionn makes it significantly more difficult to hunt successfully especially among trees . I have been told that the majority of the immature Red Tailed hawks do not survive their first year.

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