Thursday, April 12, 2007


May Day in Tompkins Square Park ...

May Day in Tompkins Square Park has been celebrated in the past decades typically by Communists , Socialists or the lighter spirited ones who want to dance around a May Pole dressed as butterflies , fairies and flowers . Who and how they will celebrate this years May Day 2 weeks or so from today is yet to be seen .
During the early '90s , Jerry "The Peddler" Wade put on a May Day celebration that became a regular affair , though some years the cops did their best to minimize the success of the event . Jerry's version of May Day included a Pig Roast and a Marijuana smoke-fest.
The May Day pictured above was one of the more successful events in the yearly series of May Days with a plentiful supply of roast pig to be eaten and marijuana to be smoked . The "boys-in-blue", for this May Day at least , remained at a distance chuckling , knowing full-well who the roast pig represented and perhaps also affected a little by some of the faint blue intoxicating haze forming above heads the jolly , stuffed celebrants that was beginning to waft their way .

gross! killing innocent animals while REAL killers run free . . . (even when i was a kid in the 1960s/1970s, i thought it was an insult to the pigs to associate them with the police!)
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