Sunday, April 08, 2007


Jewels : Tormented and Tormenting

ABOVE :Just at sun-down a man that Jewels has accosted and harrassed and perhaps even , technically speaking , assaulted is seen reaching for a knife...or perhaps he is just pulling up his pants which appear to be falling off.

ABOVE : A few minutes later Jewels smashes a Sushi restaurant's sign ; a restaurant employee confronts him and a fight will soon begin .

ABOVE : The fight begins and continues until the police arrive.

ABOVE : Police at the scene talk to Jewels but do not arrest him .

ABOVE : Later Jewels accosts another passer-by on avenue A where he is restrained by a bodega owner.

ABOVE : Then another hostile confrontation : the man in brown pants is running away in fear having dropped the cigarette that Jewels wanted from his mouth . Jewels is picking -up the cigarette to smoke .

Above : Jewels climbs onto a passing car on avenue A .

ABOVE : Jewels blocks traffic on avenue A . The police come to the scene and succeed in getting Jewels to leave the street but again they do not arrest him .

ABOVE : Jewels' friend Amy ,much distraught , finds Jewels and tries to calm him down but without much success .

ABOVE : With Amy watching Jewels accosts a young woman who responds by pulling a container of Mace or pepper spray from her purse which she does not use because the police again come to the scene to talk to Jewels .

ABOVE : Jewels walks away from the police .

ABOVE : A few minutes later while he is sitting in the door-way next to Ray's candystore the police surround Jewels . LT. Corcoran talks to Jewels about his behavior but again he does not arrest him .
A half hour later at the corner of 5th street and avenue A the police do arrest Jewels and take him to the precinct where he is given a summons for disorderly conduct ; he is then immediately released .
He was back on avenue A shortly doing much the same kind of hi-jinx as he had been doing for the hour and half before being arrested ...which included at least three times the number of confrontations pictured here. .

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