Monday, April 30, 2007


Friday Night through Saturday Night : Another L.E.S. Jewels Saga

s thWhen sober , Jewels is a little anarchic and outrageous but likeable : when drunk , keep your distance and watch-out .

Friday night Jewels was already well drunk and several gulps from "Coney Island Mike" 's large bottle of vodka and several smaller bottles of Smirnoff " Ice" seemed to be what really launched Jewels' evening , the beginning of this saga .

Jewels' saga ended here 24 hours or so later with a severe beating among the chess tables near the 7th street and avenue A entrance to Tompkins Square Park .He was taken to the hospital by ambulance .
People in the park the day after the beating reported that he was out and around ,with a staple or two in his scalp , and that perhaps he had gone to his fathers funeral this afternoon .
It was also true , some noted , that the man who had beaten Jewels was out looking for him .

Back to the beginning of this saga : Jewels played in the traffic as he was wont to do so many other nights on this Friday night .

Some of the evening's drunken revelers attempted to save jewels from his risky game with all the cars on avenue A with , as seen here , differing results .

Members NYPD came to the scene at one point in the evening ,threw Jewels onto the hood of their RMP and then told him to go to the side-walk where we assume that they must have lectured him about not playing in traffic and also , according to Jewels , told him that they had been told not to arrest him .

Very drunk , confused and emotional , extreme mood swings were evident thoughout the evening.

Come the afternoon of the next day , Saturday , it was back to playing in the street with all the cars in avenue A and stealing drinks from the window tables at Yucca Cafe .

Finally , after several complaints are made by cell-phone NYPD returns and Lt. Corcoran has a talk with Jewels concerning his behavior . Since those who had called for the police would not press charges , as usual , Jewels was not arrested.

Later in this drunken and confusing day a brief rest before ....

According to witnesses , Jewels whacked a man with this now broken cane .He was drunk and tired when he hit this man and made a very serious mistake in doing so : this was not the right man to hit , he would not just walk away this night from Jewels hurriedly and fearful as so many in the neighborhood had done in the past when attacked by Jewels .This man took the cane away from Jewels and beat him with it severely , then he broke the cane over the iron park fence near the entrance to the park throwing the pieces of it into the evergreen bushes where all the rats live .
According to more witnesses later ,the man that beat Jewels was still looking for him in Tompkins Square Park , hockey stick in hand , to deliver another beating 2 days later .
This most recent Jewels saga posted here is not the only post concerning Jewels' adventures posted here at NMNL . Take a look at previous posts of this month of April 2007 titled : "Tormented and Tormenting " and "Territorial Imperative ".


Thank you for making the residents of East Village neighborhood aware of of this important information - self certification. It takes an initiated, civic and community oriented mind set to seek and know such important information. I hope people will read it and stand against unscruplous developers.
Fright night with Jewels is like a movie but drunken behavior is really abusive and hurtful and it is a rare individual to make amends.
In this case it seems like a lot of tolerance was extended to Jewels and luckily no one was hurt.
Hey Bob~
I met you briefly, at the Pot Rally, last Saturday. I was persoanlly a little disappointed in the turn out, but it only makes me more motivated to reach out to get people invovlved.
My partner and I stayed till the very end and were rewarded by meeting you and and having and impropmtu sing-a-long with David Peel :)
I love your photographs and the introduction to some of the local denizens of TSP. But really, ALL of them are quite touching.. thank you for sharing!.
I've made sure to make mention of you and post a link at my regular forum.

Peace and Love
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