Saturday, April 28, 2007


Friday night on Avenue A : "Coney Island Mike" Makes a Visit ...

Last night "Coney Island Mike" stopped by Ray's . Once a regular on A , now he only visits rarely .
Known also in Coney Island and Mullberry Street , Mike is tonight as much at home on avenue A as he ever was when he was an actual avenue A denizen .

"Coney Island Mike " and "Choice" pose for a picture .

Having his own cell-phone Mike only uses the phone booth as his beer-stash to hide his beer from the cops and perhaps also when necessary as a pissoir : traditional and sensible behavior at Ray's .

In the midst of a typical Friday night crowd on A , for a while Mike waxes pensive ...

Mike has some good luck : a man offers a blue bag to Mike for $3 .The bag contains a large un-opened bottle of Smirnoff Vodka , a large un-opened bottle of sour apple schnapps and some small bottles of Smirnoff "Ice".

For a short while Mike shares his alcoholic bounty with others including Jewels who takes a series of large gulps from the large bottle of vodka .
Considering his good fortune and who should best consume the larger portion of this bargain liquor find , Mike absconds with the blue bag and its contents , disappearing into the night .

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