Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Every Car Owner's Worst Nightmare

The kids took Mom's Mercedes to avenue A Tuesday night . They did what ever kids do in the East Village including buying some of Ray's Belgian Fries ( on the dash ) probabably having had a good time... but when they returned to the parking space where they had parked Mom's Mercedes , no Mercedes .
Yes , that worst nightmare came true : the city marshals took 30 seconds to open the doors more than 5 minutes for the whole siezure process start to finish . Then they towed away Moms Mercedes .
Did Mom have some outstanding somethings that had not been paid...or was it just a mistake ? Mom certainly had not told the kids about whatever the problem was if there was one and now they had no way home .
The marshals did not like that I was photographing them and were a bit testy and demanding so I just shot more pictures . They were after-all doing the people's business in a public place and they were making a lot of money doing what they were doing .

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