Monday, April 09, 2007


1997 : Another Night at Ray's Candy Store...

Back then one could live at Ray's : bring your own furniture , T.V. , musical instuments ,clothing and Ray sold you the beer , hot dogs ,chips , ice cream and cigarettes . You could wake-up with Ray's coffee , donuts and the New York Times or what ever paper that you liked .
On this night Wayne ,leaning over the arm of the sofa , had his own sofa and toy xylophone which in the picture he is playing .
Your T.V. could be plugged surreptitiously into Ray's sign lighting circuit or if that wasn't possible on a given night then it could be plugged into the base of the light post on the corner .
Friends visited with you , drank with you , sometimes hugging and sometimes trying to cut you or others with their knives .Occasionaly a fire-arm was brandished but I never saw anyone shoot anyone .Though perhaps not a good environment in which to raise children or entertain the precious , culturally sophisticated bourgeois types , it was more than satisfactory for many a homeless soul .

I used to work at Ray's back in the 80's with Jenny the skinhead. It was agreat place to hook up with your mates and we used to give free coffee to the cops. Ray used to let some of the homeless guys sweep in front of the shop for 5 bucks and dinner from Leshko's... thanks for the memories
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