Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Red Tailed Hawk Eats Pigeon in Tompkins Square Park

On a warm , sunny Sunday afternoon a hungry , young Red Tailed Hawk , which had spent a very frustrating 3 hours hunting unsuccessfully , spies at 100 yards or so a pidgeon on the lawn in Tompkins Sqare Park . The hawk takes to the air flying in the direction of the pigeon , snatches it out of the air as the pigeon tries to take to the air to escape the attacking hawk .The Sunday afternoon park crowd that had been watching the hawk's afternoon of repeated failures cheers and applauds as the bird of prey bags his bird and takes it to a near-by tree to dismember and eat .
In the tree on a large limb the hawk prepares to eat its afternoon bounty as a small crowd gathers to watch the gory dismembering and consumption of the pidgeon . The hawk begins with the tastiest part of the pigeon , the head ,pulling it off the body slowly and inelegantly ,crunching it with it's beak and then swallowing it whole slowly and with some difficulty .
Not only was there the lingering crowd of humans watching at a distance but some squirrelly residents of the tree , unhappy that the hawk was using their tree for a picnic table , made themselves up-close and uncomfortable pests , creating an even more aggravating and frustrating afternoon for our hawk who just wanted finally... to sate its hunger in relative peace .
Lately several headless pigeon corpses have been found around the park but such was not the fate of this pidgeon .This time this hungry hawk ate not only the desireable head but all of the bird but for a piece of one of it's wings .

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