Monday, March 19, 2007


An Intimate Encounter in Tompkins Square Park a Few Springs Ago

I wish the contrast of the black,gray and white tones were more extreme but what is most dynamic is what can't be "seen" by "viewer"and that is their eyes..bodies, art as instruments entangled in an embrace,
something between them that is defies being captured by we can share the share the joy...madness? and most definitely the magic of the moment...but I am glad their eyes hide something that is there's not captured because there is so much in the photo -- plenty of richness so we don't need to see everything.
I really like the photo developed with a stronger contrast...of the darks and light...what is so funny is Bob wants to be so technical (photo machismo) but what he "doesn't understand" intellectually is what is his strongest expression with his composition and compassion...I passionately love our neighborhood and the compassion and texture of the people, the trees and the buildings "before" the mirrored buildings of this new era of "vanity--generic bourgeois beverly hills, mega dorms -- mega retail -- churning empty headed unimaginative consumption -- rather than imagination...The newspapers don't document what is happening because they are all owned by rich men involved in real estate...makes blog news and photo documentation more important than ever.
Unfortunately this picture can no longer be presented in its best technical form because the negative is lost and what is shown here is a digital image scanned from a mediocre print:the only existing print which print was a thow away that somehow was never thrown away .Restoring the image to proper contrast ,value and resolution is simply not possible . All thats left is the content which is why it is posted on NMNL
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