Friday, February 23, 2007


Shots Fired ....

Well , there had not been any shots fired but a call from avenue A had been made claiming that there had been shots fired and the call had also been mysteriously cut off so NYPD had to respond .Several cars shortly arrived at the site where the shots had reportedly been fired which was the Pyramid Club on ave A . It was Goth night and there were certainly no shots fired but still NYPD had to enter the club and verify that all was in proper order .
This is one aspect of life in the city that most probably don't think about but both FDNY and NYPD answer many ,many false alarms . When a call comes over the air it is as genuine as any other call :in the beginning there is no difference ,all calls are the same .Every one does their job as though each call is genuine . No one ever knows for sure what awaits .

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