Sunday, February 18, 2007


Selling Paintings and Books on Avenue A on a Saturday Afternoon

It's Saturday afternoon and Joe has set up his tables of books and paintings on avenue A . Joe comes to this location often to install a sculpture or a conceptual piece but today there is also some intent to not just install but to sell something and make some money. As one can see the location is not Joe's alone : several others with other purposes are also on avenue A .
Today Joe is trying to sell some paintings that he purchased from a dealer in Brooklyn which were painted by a painter by the name of Korsak who , according to Joe , 5 years ago mysteriously dissappeared from Greenpoint without a trace . Strange ,sparse ,scribbled ,scratched , thinly painted and sometimes with merit these paintings are not for everyone .
Some of Joe's fellows , before this day is done , pass-out and take a trip to detox at a local hospital but not Joe . He has set up his own tea service (iced with lemonade ) at curbside with a gazebo that he later in the afternoon gilds.

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