Monday, February 19, 2007


The Reverend Billy Not Arrested This Week

The Reverend Billy leading his followers across the street from the Astor Place Starbucks.
The Reverend Billy preaching at the Cooper Union Starbucks.

The Reverend Billy on the march on St. Marks Place on the way to 9th street and 2nd Avenue Starbucks .

No love lost here ....right?

Sergeant Brown instructs the Reverend Billy to move his lecturn to the side of the sidewalk and clear the sidewalk for pedestrian traffic at the 9th street and 2nd avenue Starbucks .

That Starbucks line is impressive with lots of beef up front : very intimidating .
This week the Reverend Billy was not arrested . I suspect that he has had enough of the accomodations downtown and is not at all interested in ever being arrested again : no one in their right mind with knowledge would want to be ...right ?
I have been told that the Reverend Billy will continue his Sunday afternoon protests at Starbucks on into March sometime .

Quite a nice archive of E. Village imagery. Keep up the good work. Cary Conover
Thanx Cary , there is a lot more that I have not posted from many years ago when this actually was an interesting place to live ...a little dangerous but interesting .
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