Saturday, February 17, 2007


A reminder : Crane Accident at 110 3rd Avenue

110 3rd avenue Thursday afternoon 15 February ,2007
The cab that was crushed injuring two people .

40,000 lb.s of steel counter weights precariously placed in a crumpled and torn restraining pocket as the result of the precipitous 4 ft or so decent of the upper part of the crane due to the failure of the attatchment of the hydraulic assembly to the white tower .What if ...these 40,000 lb.s of weights had torn through the steel that luckily held them in place ?

This freely hanging orange H shaped frame , a load bearing structure intended to be used to attatch the hydraulic cylinder above to the tower was supposed to be attached with a special manufacturer supplied clamp to the white tower : it was not so attatched according to manufacturer and DOB. It is claimed by DOB that this failure to use the proper clamp by a crew that was not under the supervision of a licensed Master Rigger was the cause of the accident .
There was a 4 part post concerning this crane accident at the beginning of last October 2006 on this blog titled : Crane Accident at 110 3rd Avenue . This 4 part post covers in detail this crane accident .

Next month Tishman Construction Corp. , Bernard Stinchcomb , Broadway Concrete and Ernesto Tersigni are required to appear before the Environment Control Board (ECB) , an administrative court , to determine in detail what happened and who is responsible for the accident at 110 3rd avenue last September 29 ,2006 .
For now take a look at the building profile provided by the Department of Buildings for some of the details . Notice the ECB violations pertaining to the accident , previous violations and fines for other violations at the site and also the nature of the anonymous complaints concerning the operaters of the crane on the day that it partially collapsed listed as part of the public record .Notice also the severity rating of this accident and its resulting violations . Please note also that the DOB does not do a very reliable job of keeping the building profile current and accurate : there may be errors.
As always click on the images to enlarge them and click below for the building profile .
There will be more technical detail later in a second part of this post .

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