Friday, February 23, 2007


Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe : Eating Squirrel in Tompkins Square Park

Today on the grass in Tompkins Square Park a juvenile Red Tailed hawk had a late in the afternoon lunch of squirrel . Picking in a finical manner at the bushy-tailed entre the predator ate just the parts that tasted best and then , red in beak and talon , left the ravaged , still warm corpse on the lawn flying off to a near-by tree and then later on around the park .

The hawk was "faux" hunting most of the morning chasing squirrels and pigeons as if he was doing his aerobic work out and wasn't really hungry. A suprising number of blue jays were present and seemed fearless. When I returned to the park I saw the hawk in a tree eating what was left of the squirrel and I was suprised how slowly he ate and now I realize it may have been even slower or that was "part deux".
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