Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Around 11:30 P.M. Monday night FDNY was called to the intersection of ave. A and St. Marks Place to investigate and verify the presence of the odor of natural gas . Gas detectors were used as well as noses to verify the presence of natural gas in the area of the intersection and further testing was done up and down ave. A to determine where the exact location of the leak was . Deeming the leak serious FDNY requested that Con Edison come to the scene to locate and repair the leak .
The area was cleared of and closed to traffic on ave. A from 7th street to 9th street and St. Marks Place was cordoned off 100 yards or so from its intersection with ave. A. Pedestrian traffic was blocked in the immediate area .

Con Edison employees checked manholes and basements up and down ave. A from 7th street to 9th street in the attempt to determine the source of the very noticeable gas odor .

Nino's Pizza and the tennants of131 ave A were evacuated by FDNY just to be safe .

Battalion Chief Redican and a team of FDNY specialists confer with Con Edison employees that have been searching for the leak .

A portable command post was set up to administer a situation that could possibly become a major FDNY operation .

Two chiefs confer with a Con Edison supervisor concerning the situation at hand .
Three ambulances have been placed in Tompkins Square Park along with 3 or 4 other ambulaces parked nearby on the street ... just in case something goes wrong .

Finally Con Edison is closing in on the leak . The last stage of finding the leak involves boring holes in which to place gas detector probes . The holes also serve to vent the leaking gas safely to the atmosphere in the street thus reducing the amount of gas that leaks into building basements . The leak was found to be somewhere around the entrance to 131 ave. A .
A Con Edison supervisor suggested that the old cast iron gas main in the street was by its very nature somewhat brittle and in cold weather even more brittle and that heavy traffic moving the surrounding soil probably caused the cast iron pipe to crack and thus leak gas .

When FDNY evacuated her building Dori took her two dogs and two of her nieghbors ,Jerry and Tim , to her restaurant ,"Dawgs On Park" , for coffee and a warm place to wait out their temporary homeless condition .When I photographed them outside Ray's Candystore they were on their way back to their apartments having been informed by FDNY that it was safe to return home .

Can I ask what kind of camera you are using, and if you are using a flash? Your pictures have a very nice clarity and appear quite natural.
Leica M8 with a 50 mm f 1 Noctilux lens , no flash
The media is not covering the continued red lights signalling this rapid over the top development for the rich and the mega dorm student housing is being built on an old infrastructure which is convenient for the Bloomberg administration, NYU and the developers and more is to come so thanks for reporting the news...
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