Monday, February 12, 2007


11 February 2007 -Reverend Billy:The Arrest at Starbuck's

After the sermon and the wedding at the black cube Reverend Billy prepares for the protest at Starbucks across the street from the cube . Lt. Welch explains to the Reverend Billy what the police version of the rules for the protest will be . Reverend Billy is told that if he attempts to enter Starbucks that he will be arrested :the Reverend Billy affirms that he will attempt to enter Starbucks .Lt. Welch requests that all involved try to be well behaved so that no one gets hurt , the Reverend Billy agrees .
The Reverend Billy again takes the fateful steps crossing the street to Starbucks leading his followers to the coffee house where ultimately he will be arrested .

A charmed Starbuck's employee.

A show for all the Starbuck's customers to see .

As the Reverend Billy lays on hands Lt. Welch gives the order to arrest the Reverend Billy .

The Reverend Billy is siezed ,cuffed and removed by police RMP to the 9th precinct at Ave. C and 8th street .

The remaining protesters are requested to disperse or in the end to at least allow people to enter Starbuck's .There were no more arrests .

P.S. 16:00 hrs , 12 February ,2007 :The Reverend Billy is still in custody downtown and may be held over another night . He is facing charges for criminal trepass and probably dissorderly conduct .

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