Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Police Raid Hell's Angels Clubhouse -Part 1

Above : Waiting outside the Edge bar to return to clubhouse . Several of the Angels waited out the raid at this bar which is a very pleasent and friendly little bar . I had a shot of Jameson and 2 Buds while passing some late evening time ... and warming-up .
Above : Waiting to be allowed return to clubhouse .
Above : An angry Ron Kuby ,the Angel's attorney , at an early press briefing late Monday afternoon or early evening .
Above :Lt. Albano from NYPD legal department sits in forensic team's van . The Lt. is probably on scene to help insure that the police search of the clubhouse does not wander beyond the scope of the evidentury search warrant in their possession .
Above : Tanks of nitrous oxide removed from clubhouse are being loaded onto a truck by FDNY . Nitrous oxide as we all know will make you giggle and make a tooth extraction bearable but it will also give your motorcycle engine more horsepower when it is injected into the combustion chamber with the fuel/air mixture .
Above : Detectives confront an Angel as they remove evidence ( surveilance system and tapes , hard drives and paper records ) from clubhouse . Large video games were also removed later . There is according to Mr. Kuby no inventory of siezed items available to him as of Tuesday afternoon .
Above and 2 below : Front door of clubhouse which was removed because it was suspected of bearing pertinent evidence . Much has been made of the importance of this door as evidence .

See the second and 3rd part of this post for more pictures and the story of the Monday afternoon NYPD raid on the Hell's Angels clubhouse .

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